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Tackling cybersecurity challenges in critical infrastructure

Free webinar with our italian partner
October 12Th , 2021 | 11:00 CET

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In this free webinar you’ll learn
  • The challenges of cybersecurity in utilities
  • What are utilities’ biggest cybersecurity concerns?
  • What are the prevalent security approaches ?
  • The new security layer and zero trust approach
  • The value proposition of atlantica and nanolock security
the speakers
Yanir Laubshtein
Yanir Laubshtein

Yanir Laubshtein¸ NanoLock’s VP Cyber Solutions¸ brings over 20 years of experience working in the cybersecurity industry in various roles both for the government and private sectors¸ including his most recent position as the leader of PwC’s ICS/OT Centre of excellence. Formerly¸ Yanir led the cyber security operations on behalf of the Ministry of Energy & Critical infrastructures and the Water & Sewage Authority¸ subsequently designing and managing the development of Israel’s first National SOC for Critical Infrastructures.

Amir Steklov

Amir Steklov is a deeply experienced executive manager with vast knowledge of accounting and financial management models. Amir helped raise capital and is experienced in developing and implementing financial and process controls.

Utilities are undergoing massive transformation and digitalization of their infrastructure to improve efficiency and save operational costs. subsequently¸ they also become significantly more exposed and vulnerable to outsider and insider cyber-attacks.