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Shielding Against Shutdowns: Fortifying OT Environment from Cyber-Attacks

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As real-world instances of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and manufacturing companies continue to surge, compounded by emerging regulations and an operational technology (OT) landscape heavily reliant on legacy devices, the risk of being caught unprepared escalates. 

These highly sophisticated cyber attacks hold far-reaching implications, and the question of who bears the legal burden grows even more perplexing when attacks can stem from both external adversaries and insiders. 

This session covers:

  • Today’s threat landscape – outsiders, insiders, third parties and human errors; 
  • The evolving regulatory frameworks and the potential legal implications of an incident; 
  • Prevention strategies and improved ways to secure your OT assets to avoid production shutdowns

Duration: 45 minutes

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the speakers
Madison Horn
Madison Horn
Chief Executive Officer, Critical Fault

Madison Horn, a former U.S. Senate Nominee, has over a decade of experience in cybersecurity, defending American interests against foreign adversaries, nation-states, and terrorist organizations. She began her cybersecurity career at the startup, Fusion X, before moving to Accenture, where she played a lead role in building out their Global Cyber Defense practices, including incident response, hacking, threat intelligence, and threat hunting offerings. These experiences gave her the ability to pursue roles to build out PricewaterhouseCoopers Cloud Security Practice and to be a part of the founding team of Siemens Energy Global Security practice, building cybersecurity capabilities and services for energy companies around the globe.

Madison’s level of technical expertise, business acumen, and interpersonal skills have also enabled her to play a hybrid role in teaching and influencing educational curriculum to advising on the development of global cybersecurity standards and regulations. As the CEO of Critical Fault, Madison is able to continue her mission of advancing security for people, organizations, and her country, while still pursuing her passion for service.

Trent Shores
Trent Shores
Shareholder, GableGotwals

Trent Shores, a former United States Attorney, is a shareholder at GableGotwals where he advises clients on complex litigation, Native American law and policy, cybersecurity, and high stakes government and corporate investigations. He represents clients in state, federal, and tribal courts, and was recently named a Tribal Supreme Court Justice for the Kaw Nation.

Prior to joining the firm, Trent spent nearly 18 years in public service at the United States Department of Justice, where he was nationally recognized for his efforts to develop and implement strategic responses to Native American policy, violent crime, and economic espionage and trade secret theft.

Moty Kanias
Moty Kanias
VP of Cyber strategy and alliances, NanoLock

Moty Kanias is a veteran of the Israeli security forces (Col. res) with vast experience in cyber security, counterintelligence and insider threats. In his previous position, Moty served as a senior executive in the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, managing research of new civil defense & aerospace technologies.

Previously, Moty served as the head of the counterintelligence and cyber threats research branch in the IDF and his work was awarded several certificates of excellence.

Moty also served as a division manager in the ministry of Defense Security Authority (D.S.D.E – Directorate of Security of the Defense Establishment), leading a counter-intelligence task force that researched cyber technologies and human vulnerabilities, such as insiders.