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Shielding Against Shutdowns: Fortifying OT Environment from Cyber-Attacks
As real-world instances of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and manufacturing companies continue to surge, compounded by emerging regulations and an operational technology (OT) landscape heavily reliant on legacy devices, the risk of being caught unprepared escalates.
These highly sophisticated cyber attacks hold far-reaching implications, and the question of who bears the legal burden grows even more perplexing when attacks can stem from both external adversaries and insiders.


This session covers:

  • Today’s threat landscape – outsiders, insiders, third parties and human errors;
  • The evolving regulatory frameworks and the potential legal implications of an incident;
  • Prevention strategies and improved ways to secure your OT assets to avoid production shutdowns

Duration: 45 minutes



  • Moderator: Madison Horn, former U.S. Senate Nominee, CEO of Critical Fault
  • Moty Kanias, former Head of Counterintelligence at Israeli Defense Forces, VP of Cyber Strategy and Alliances at NanoLock Security
  • Trent Shores, former US District Attorney and Shareholder at GableGotwals