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Water Utilities

Protecting The Operational Integrity Of Smart Water Meters

Water utilities face more threats from more actors

Water and wastewater infrastructures and edge devices have become an attractive target to cyber criminals due to increasingly connected infrastructure. Cyber actors range from nation-state actors seeking to cause political and social chaos, to cybercriminals looking for easy financial gain, hacktivists driven by ideological agendas and individuals who seek to reduce their water bills. Moreover, internal threats due to human errors, disgruntled employees or supply chain have become a predominant risk.

Smart meters are vulnerable and can jeopardize the OT and IT network

The increasing adoption of smart water meters paves the way for numerous cyber threats, such as privacy breaches (tracking individual’s activities), fraud attacks (altering consumption to reduce bills), and can potentially serve as an entry point to the IT and OT network. Cyber-attacks on a water infrastructure can compromise drinking water supply, water quality as well as wastewater collection and treatment systems, with devastating consequences to public health and safety. The smart meter infrastructure is also subject to a large amount of  human errors.

Protect smart meters against external and internal cyber events, as well as human errors

NanoLock’s zero-trust, device-level protection secures the integrity of your smart meters to protect revenue streams and business continuity. NanoLock solution is designed to prevent multiple attack vectors:

  • Outsiders
  • Insiders
  • Supply chain
  • Human mistakes

NanoLock blocks a wide range of cyber events, including fraud, theft, ransomware and bricking, and more before they cause harm to your devices, customers, and business.

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Safeguard your valuable assets using zero-trust protection

NanoLock makes sure devices work as expected using zero-trust protection, in which all modification attempts to critical code and data must be authenticated and authorized, before being granted access, including even those coming from inside the organization’s network or utilizing access privileges. Tailormade for both low-end and high-end battery-operated devices, NanoLock protection offers:

  • Unmatched lightweight and passive prevention with minimal power requirements – ideal for battery powered smart meters.
  • Small footprint – perfect fit for devices with limited resources.
  • No performance hit or functionality impact.
  • Applicable to any smart meter: legacy or new.
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Unlock trustworthy, device-level visibility and management

NanoLock’s MoT (Management of Things) visibility and management solution is based on a trusted source within the device and features:

  • Multi-vendor, device-level security posture
  • Alerts and analytics
  • Authenticated and managed OTA (Over The Air) updates, both remote and local
  • Unique forensic data for further threat analysis
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Tap into zero-trust smart meter defense

With NanoLock field-proven protection, water utilities can prevent malicious and accidental manipulations and maintain smart meter functionality, while mitigating a host of cyberattacks. NanoLock cyber protection translates to ongoing operational integrity, business continuity and revenue protection in both the short and the long run.

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