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Device-level, zero-trust cybersecurity 

for multi-vendor PLCs

OT is a prime target today. And detection is not enough anymore.

Attacks against Industrial Control Systems (ICS) continue to grow in size, frequency, and impact. Further complicating the situation are insider threats such as turncoats, operational negligence, or well-meaning employees who don’t practice proper cyber hygiene.

These incidents put operations at risk, potentially resulting in partial or complete production line shutdowns, compromised safety, financial loss, business shutdown, and even loss of lives. In critical industries, such attacks can have an impact on entire macro-economies. 

Current solutions such as IDS and IPS either provide post-incident detection – without preventing the damage in the first place, or rely on network connections. They do not protect from insiders and lead to alert fatigue.



Nanolock prevents attacks from outside and inside

OT Defender is the only device-level, zero-trust solution that is focused on prevention

Focused on prevention – and not detection, NanoLock OT Defender is a device-level, zero-trust solution that protects the integrity of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) against outsider adversaries, supply chain actors, and insider incidents including human errors.

NanoLock OT Defender protects all PLCs in distributed environments, whether they are connected to a network, offline or air-gapped, and whether they are new or legacy. It’s a single interface that supports all vendors.

OT Defender has zero impact on OT device performance and functionality. It does not place unnecessary “speed bumps” on day-to-day user experience or slow operations down. It’s a seamless extension of any OT cybersecurity program, embraced by engineers alike.

How it works
A single solution that covers the entire terrain
OT Defender ensures that every change request or update attempt through a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is always authenticated and authorized, regardless of its origin.

OT Defender’s preventive, zero-trust approach means:

  • Zero production downtime
  • Zero impact on performance and functionality 
  • Compliance with the strictest regulations
  • Ability to maintain safety
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Management of Things (MoT) Server
Reliable Multi-Vendor Device Visibility and Management

OT Defender’s Management of Things (MoT) platform provisions, monitors, and manages all its protected PLCs, while assuming the trusted server functionality. The MoT platform is a cloud-based or on-premise solution that is managed by the customer or its MSSP. The MoT functionality can be easily integrated into a managed security service as part of the customer SIEM/SOC. Alerts and collected data can also be exported to any backend system.

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Ensuring Compliance with International Security Standards & Guidelines