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[On-Demand] NanoLock OT Security Talk Series

Securing the Industrial Control Layer: A Defense-in-Depth Approach

In today’s interconnected industrial landscape, protecting PLCs is no longer an option but a critical necessity. Cybercriminals are growing more sophisticated, and the need for a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to industrial cybersecurity has never been more urgent.

Watch our NanoLock OT Security Talk for an in-depth exploration of the key pillars of system integrity, forming the foundation of a robust defense-in-depth strategy. Our expert speakers, Faustino Rivero, Cybersecurity and Data Protection Manager at CGI, and Thierry Kolton, General Manager Europe at NanoLock Security, will discuss the critical aspects of securing the control level and explore recent cybersecurity attacks in manufacturing.

This session covers:

  • The key pillars of system integrity: Attack Prevention vs. Detection, Authentication, and Access Control
  • Strategies for managing and controlling insider, outsider, and third-party threats
  • How to implement a defense-in-depth approach to mitigate cybersecurity risks in your industrial control systems
  • The latest global regulatory standards, including UNECE, the new NIS2 directive, and key regulatory entities and CRAs



  • Faustino Rivero, Cybersecurity and Data Protection Manager | CGI
  • Thierry Kolton, General Manager EU, NanoLock Security