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OPTAGE and NanoLock to Enable Nationwide IoT Security in Japan

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The new cybersecurity service is founded on Israeli innovator’s patented tech to increase security of connected devices.

NITZANEI OZ¸ Israel and OSAKA¸ Japan¸ Sept. 9¸ 2020 — NanoLock Security¸ the market leader of ironclad protection for IoT and connected edge devices¸ today announces its commercial collaboration with OPTAGE¸ a leading Japanese service provider and subsidiary of the Kansai Electric Power Company to power a new nationwide service offering to cyber-protect¸ update¸ and manage connected devices across Japan.

The daughter company of KEPCO¸ a Kansai area electricity company¸ OPTAGE provides network solutions and data center services to a wide variety of companies¸ from enterprises to SOHOs. For their new offering¸ OPTAGE has chosen the solution from Israeli cybersecurity innovator¸ NanoLock Security as the foundation for their managed service. As a cyber company well-known for its powerful technology that can work with all devices regardless of CPU or operating system¸ NanoLock brings innovative and patented device-level protection and management to OPTAGE’s new service¸ providing device monitoring¸ alerts¸ and version upgrades¸ as well as enabling secure over-the-air updates. A new kind of managed cybersecurity service¸ OPTAGE’s offering will increase the security of IoT and connected devices while also reducing operational costs for device makers¸ OEMs¸ utilities¸ and industrial companies across Japan.

With the IoT security market in Japan targeted to value $1.5 billion (¥170B) by 2025¸ the industry is in dire need of a service that can protect the rapidly growing infrastructure of connected devices from rising cybersecurity threats. This new service¸ offered by OPTAGE and founded on NanoLock Security’s powerful security-as-service protection and management solution¸ is targeting millions of connected devices nationwide in Japan¸ including smart meters¸ smart locks¸ routers¸ and cameras. Serving device-makers and organizations in Japan¸ the service offering is predicted to target millions of devices by 2023¸ providing robust protection to increase security in Japan.

“This new service from OPTAGE commences a revolution in IoT security for Japan¸” says Toshiro Tachibana¸ Representative Director¸ OPTAGE Inc. “The Japanese-Israeli collaboration between OPTAGE and NanoLock has created a new embedded security-as-a-service that will improve the way device makers and organizations protect¸ update¸ manage¸ and future-proof their connected devices¸ and we are thrilled to collaborate with NanoLock on this new approach to IoT security.”

“Our collaboration with OPTAGE proves that our solution isn’t just for cyber protection; rather the NanoLock solution empowers service providers to create new managed security-as-a-service offerings¸ enabling them to offer new services and build new revenue streams¸” says Eran Fine¸ CEO¸ NanoLock Security. “With the service quality of OPTAGE leveraging the cyber power of NanoLock¸ this new solution is a ‘best service¸ best security¸’ one-of-a-kind technology.”

“The cooperation between a leading company in the Japanese market and an Israeli technology is an impressive model that we believe in and are active in the background to assist its success¸” says Yafa Ben-Ari¸ Israeli Ambassador to Japan. “The need for advanced cyber solutions for the IoT world¸ such as NanoLock’s offering¸ and the ability of these two companies to bridge the cultural and geographical gaps¸ is the basis for a successful and impressive cooperation.”

Noa Asher¸ Minister and Head of Economic Mission at the Israel Embassy in Tokyo added¸ “We have been assisting NanoLock in the Japanese market for a few years now and have witnessed the interest of Japanese device manufacturers and system integrators in Nanolock’s unique solution. We are happy to congratulate NanoLock and OPTAGE for their partnership and believe that together they could be leaders of the IOT market in Japan.”

The new service offering from OPTAGE¸ founded on NanoLock’s solution¸ will be commercially available for products in Japan in Q1 2021¸ and pilots with Japanese customers are expected during 2020.

About NanoLock Security

NanoLock Security is an ironclad¸ device-level protection and management solution that is disrupting edge device security with IoT and connected devices protection against outsider¸ insider¸ and supply chain cyberattacks¸ by securing the entire chain of vulnerability¸ from the device to the cloud. NanoLock’s solution provides secured and managed firmware updates¸ reliable status and alerts¸ and unique forensic data—all with a lightweight¸ zero power¸ processing¸ and memory footprint. Protecting critical edge devices against a wide range of persistent attacks¸ NanoLock’s robust protection and device-level visibility and control are crucial to the success of industries like smart cities¸ utilities¸ automotive¸ industrial¸ and more. NanoLock is working with major utilities¸ industrial companies¸ and large ecosystem partners in Japan¸ Spain¸ Switzerland¸ Singapore¸ Netherlands¸ the U.S.¸ and Israel.

NanoLock is headquartered in Israel with offices in the US¸ Europe and Japan.

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