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NanoLock Security and OTIFYD Partner to Provide World’s Leading Industrial Cyber Protection to European Companies

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Tel-Aviv, Israel and London, United KingdomDecember 12, 2023NanoLock Security, a leading provider of device-level, zero-trust OT protection for industrial manufacturing companies, and OTIFYD, EMEA’s next generation OT security services and solutions provider with an elite team of highly trained industrial and cybersecurity engineers and certified experts, are partnering to provide manufacturing and industrial companies with device-level zero-trust OT cybersecurity solutions.

The partnership will enable OTIFYD’s customers to utilise NanoLock as part of OTIFYD’s OT cybersecurity solutions suite. Moreover, the device-level prevention offered by NanoLock will ensure vendor-agnostic protection for both new and legacy OT assets against both external and internal cyber threats.

Cyberattacks targeting major manufacturing companies and industrial systems have become increasingly common. Additionally, with the rise of digitisation initiatives within Industry 4.0, manufacturers are adding more networked devices and implementing greater connectivity between IT and OT systems. The expanded attack surface provides more opportunities for both insiders and external threat actors to manipulate control systems.

NanoLock’s device-level zero-trust OT cybersecurity solutions protect industrial manufacturing, with no impact on performance or functionality. With NanoLock, OTIFYD’s industrial clients will be able to protect their production environments from external and internal cyber threats.

“We are excited to join forces with NanoLock Security and advance our shared goals of better serving our customers and providing them with secure, reliable and defensible solutions,” said Ali Bozorgmir, Global Director – OT Security Solutions at OTIFYD. “One of our key focus areas is helping our clients to safely integrate critical OT systems and assets – which used to be isolated – with dedicated OT networks. In operational environments where cyber compromise is unacceptable, NanoLock’s device-level prevention solution will bring peace of mind.” 

“Energy, food and beverage, and manufacturing companies are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks from outsiders and insiders,” said David Stroud, Chief Operations Officer of NanoLock. “Our partnership ensures that OTIFYD  and NanoLock will strengthen protection of OT manufacturing environments from ever-growing cyber threats.”

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About NanoLock Security

NanoLock Security provides device-level zero-trust OT cybersecurity solutions to critical infrastructure customers, food and beverage, utilities, industrial and manufacturing companies. NanoLock’s solutions are shifting the paradigm from post-incident detection to device-level prevention and protection. Covering entire operational surfaces, NanoLock protects multi-vendor, new and legacy Industrial Control Systems (ICS) against outsiders, insiders, supply chain cyber events, and even human errors.

Trusted by the world’s largest industrial, manufacturing companies and utilities, NanoLock’s OT Defender solution ensures that every access, change request, or update attempt through a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), is always authenticated and authorised while ensuring compliance with international security standards and guidelines.

NanoLock is headquartered in Israel with offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

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OTIFYD is an elite team of highly trained and experienced industrial control system and automation and certified security experts with their prime and only focus on industrial cyber security, bridging the IT and OT divide by providing consultancy services and solutions across EMEA, enabling organisations and asset owners to operate their primary processes with confidence in a secure and protected environment.


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