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Moving to Prevention – Securing Critical Assets in OT

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Ensuring Uptime: Balancing Innovation, Operational Integrity and Cyber Risk in Manufacturing

For manufacturers, keeping the production line running is critical. However, as facilities adopt smart technologies and connect OT to IT, new cyber risks threaten crucial industrial control systems and operational uptime.

In this whitepaper, Jonathon Gordon, Directing Analyst at Takepoint Research (TPR) examines the key challenges manufacturers face:

  • Operational threats arising from legacy or multi-vendor environments
  • Striking the right balance between safety, automation, and cybersecurity
  • Shifting focus towards proactive prevention, emphasizing operationally flexible and compatible security measures
  • Recognizing the need to directly protect ICS, distinct from network-based security focused on detection over prevention
  • Balancing innovation with risk management in smart manufacturing, emphasizing protection of assets controlling core operations
  • The complexities and vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) within Industry 4.0


Bridging the IT/OT divide is essential. Solutions must align with OT needs to avoid impeding productivity. The paper further explores how technologies like NanoLock’s OT Defender take a “prevention first” approach to ICS security. By providing zero-trust protection at the device-level and closing IT/OT gaps, risks can be better managed without sacrificing innovation or uptime.

For manufacturing executives and CISOs navigating these challenges, this paper suggests OT cybersecurity best practices to protect core assets and ensure operational integrity.

To learn more on how a device-level “prevention first” security approach can help maximize uptime and balance cybersecurity and innovation in manufacturing, download the full whitepaper now.







Jonathon Gordon
Jonathon Gordon
Directing Analyst, Takepoint Research

With over 30 years of experience in cybersecurity, information systems, and telecoms, Jonathon provides focused research and actionable insights to industrial enterprises and those responsible for safeguarding them against cyber threats. Since joining TPR in 2018, he has published numerous reports and playbooks on various industrial cybersecurity topics, including secure remote access, network visibility, asset inventory, perimeter security and ransomware attack recovery. Jonathon is also known as the author of the annual buyers guide for industrial cybersecurity. Prior to joining TP Research, he held various technical, managerial, and senior executive positions with prominent technology companies.