Key Takeaways from Global Industrie 2024


Key Takeaways from Global Industrie 2024

NanoLock Security recently had the opportunity to sponsor and participate in the Global Industrie 2024 event in Paris, France. This was a valuable experience that provided our team with important insights into the needs and priorities of industrial automation users and vendors.

The four-day Global Industrie event was the largest industrial exhibition in France, attracting over 40,000 participants, including 2,300 exhibitors. It provided us with the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions with attendees. As sponsors, General Manager of Europe, Thierry Kolton, and Head of Product, David Assayag, representing NanoLock, were able to showcase our solutions and engage with a wide range of attendees, from heads of maintenance and automation to major automation vendors and system integrators.

We were delighted to see that our partners at SF2i were also present at the event and demonstrated NanoLock’s OT Defender solution at their booth.

Visiting SF2i’s booth while demonstrating NanoLock OT Defender’s solution. From left to right: David Assayag – NanoLock Head of Product, Stéphane Fournier – SF2i CEO, and Thierry Kolton – NanoLock General Manager EU.

Key Takeaways

A key takeaway from the event was the strong focus on configuration integrity and traceability from the automation and maintenance engineers we spoke with. Many were immediately drawn to NanoLock’s value proposition in this area. They emphasized that the ability to rapidly revert to previous configuration versions and have full traceability is critical to minimizing costly production downtime.

We learned that a single hour of downtime can cost companies up to €24,000, so the need to protect against unauthorized configuration changes and quickly resolve issues is paramount. The shortage of automation engineers in France and even in Germany also means companies often rely on third-party contractors, highlighting the importance of configuration traceability to avoid disputes over liability.

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