Keeping the Line Running: Balancing Innovation and Cyber Risk in Manufacturing


Keeping the Line Running: Balancing Innovation and Cyber Risk in Manufacturing

For manufacturing facilities today, operational uptime is everything. An hour of downtime can cost thousands if not millions in lost revenue. But as factories connect operational technology (OT) systems to IT networks, they open themselves up to new cyber risks that can bring production to a grinding halt. 

In a new whitepaper from Takepoint Research, Directing Analyst Jonathon Gordon takes a deep dive into the key challenges manufacturers face in this increasingly connected world. Bridging the divide between IT and OT is critical, and new security solutions must align with operational needs to avoid dragging down productivity.

This is where technologies like NanoLock’s OT Defender come in. With its “prevention first” approach to industrial control system (ICS) security, OT Defender provides zero-trust protection right at the device level. By closing gaps between IT and OT, risks can be better managed without forcing tradeoffs between innovation, security, and uptime.

Manufacturing executives and CISOs looking to overcome these cybersecurity challenges will find these insights valuable for enhancing industrial cybersecurity.

Key highlights:

  • Importance of Proactive Prevention in modern manufacturing environments
  • Operational threats arising from legacy or multi-vendor environments
  • Striking the right balance between safety, automation, and cybersecurity
  • Recognizing the need to directly protect ICS, distinct from network-based security focused on detection over prevention
  • Balancing innovation with risk management in smart manufacturing, emphasizing protection of assets controlling core operations
  • The complexities and vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) within Industry 4.0


To discover practical measures to protect core assets and ensure operational integrity in manufacturing, download the TP Research whitepaper now.