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Industrial Manufacturing

Protecting the Operational Integrity of Industrial Machines

Industrial machines are an attractive target for criminals

Organizations are increasingly adopting and integrating ICS environment into their IT systems and business management applications to increase business visibility and efficiency. As OT networks are no longer isolated, they become more exposed and vulnerable to cyberattacks. Yet, the majority of security controls designed for the IT environment may impact ICS performance when implemented within the OT environment.
Additional threats come from authorized users who accidentally or intentionally compromise the operational integrity and business continuity, disrupting system operations or introducing a security breach to the ICS network.
New security measures, specifically tailored to protect ICS environment, are required.

Industrial cyber events introduce devastating consequences

As industrial organizations have become a major target of sophisticated and widespread cyberattacks, the resulting effects may significantly impact productivity, disrupting processes and operations, damaging equipment, increasing operating costs and ultimately jeopardizing employees and public safety.

Protect industrial machines against external and internal cyber threats, as well as human errors

NanoLock’s zero-trust, device-level protection secures the operational integrity of industrial machines to secure revenue streams and business continuity. NanoLock solution is designed to defend against multiple attack vectors:

  • Outsiders
  • Insiders
  • Supply chain
  • Human mistakes

NanoLock prevents a wide range of cyber scenarios, such as fraud, theft, ransomware, tampering and bricking, before they damage your operations, employees, and business.

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Safeguard your valuable assets using zero-trust protection

NanoLock ensures industrial machines work as configured using a zero-trust access, in which all modification attempts to critical code configuration calibration, and data are externally authenticated and authorized, before being granted access, including even those coming from inside the organization or utilizing access privileges. NanoLock protection features:

  • Unmatched passive prevention
  • No performance hit or functionality impact
  • Small footprint – applicable to any machine type and operating system
  • Verified and managed Over the Air or local updates
  • Applicable to legacy or new machines
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Gain trusted Device-Level visibility and management

NanoLock’s MoT (Management of Things) is a reliable visibility and management solution, based on an embedded gatekeeper within the machine, and includes:

  • Machines security posture
  • Alerts and analytics
  • Authenticated and managed OTA (Over The Air) updates, both remote and local
  • Unique forensic data for further threat analysis
  • Device level analytics and logs
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Protect legacy and new machines to maintain operational integrity and safety

Prevent tampering and accidental modifications to preserve industrial machines functionality, while mitigating a host of insider and outsider cyberattacks. NanoLock cyber protection ensures ongoing operational integrity, business continuity and revenue protection.

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