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Gas Utilities

Protecting the Operational Integrity of Smart Gas Devices

Gas utilities are vulnerable to exploitation

There are strong benefits to digitalizing your gas network to meet the rising demand and remain competitive, while staying on top of regulatory requirements. But smart and connected operations imply an increased exposure to cyberattacks, where each connected device’s integrity becomes essential to the safe operation of the network.

The attack surface is expanding: a single device can jeopardize an entire network

Cybercriminals seeking to launch an attack over a gas utility’s install base are most likely to seek a vulnerable entry point, such as a remote smart meter. Device-level cyberattacks, fraud and human errors are compromising revenue and assets value and have the potential to damage a country’s widespread infrastructure and threaten the safety of customers, employees and the public.

Protect smart devices against external and internal cyber events, as well as human errors

NanoLock’s zero-trust, device-level protection secures the operational integrity of your smart devices to ensure safety and protect revenue streams and business continuity. NanoLock solution is designed to defend against multiple attack vectors:

  • Outsiders
  • Insiders
  • Supply chain
  • Human mistakes

By preventing a wide range of cyber events and unauthorized manipulations at the device level, such as fraud, theft, ransomware, bricking and more, NanoLock’s solution maintains your business continuity, making sure devices are not crippled by cyberattacks, while saving the need for device replacement.

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Safeguard your valuable assets using a passive, zero-trust protection without impact on battery lifetime

NanoLock protects devices integrity, making sure they work as expected. The passive protection rejects all modifications to the device setup, unless authorized by an external authorization server, including even those coming from inside the organization’s network or utilizing access privileges. Tailormade for low-end as well as high-end battery-operated devices, NanoLock protection offers:

  • Unmatched passive and lightweight prevention with minimal power requirements that do not impact device’s performance or battery lifetime.
  • Small footprint – perfect fit for devices with limited resources.
  • No performance hit or functionality impact.
  • Applicable to any smart meter: legacy or new.
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Gain trustworthy multi-vendor, device visibility and management

NanoLock’s MoT (Management of things) visibility and management solution is based on a trusted source within the device and features:

  • Multi-vendor, device-level security posture
  • Alerts and analytics
  • Authenticated and managed OTA (Over The Air) updates, both remote and local
  • Unique forensic data for further threat analysis
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Tap into zero-trust, device-level protection

With NanoLock field-proven, passive protection, gas utilities can protect their valuable assets without affecting performance or battery lifetime, while mitigating a host of cyber-attacks, maintaining operational integrity and saving the need for costly replacement.

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