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EV Charging
Protecting the Operational Integrity of EV Chargers
EV Charging Stations are an attractive target for cyber criminals

As a greater share of transportation becomes electrified, public EV Charging Stations (EVCS) proliferate and become an attractive target for cybercriminals, facing multiple cyber-risks, including ransomware, trojan viruses, DDoS attacks, corrupted OTA updates, fraud, theft and even grid attacks.

The potential damage is huge – EV charging stations can be turned to cyberweapons

EV chargers must cope with numerous security threats that could have serious consequences. Potential cyber threats can come from criminals, disgruntled employees, and even state-sponsored groups that can orchestrate a large hack that turns on/off a sufficient number of fast chargers to bring down power grids.

Protect EV chargers against external and internal cyber events, as well as human errors

NanoLock’s zero-trust, device-level protection secures the integrity of your EV chargers to protect revenue streams and business continuity. NanoLock solution is designed to prevent multiple attack vectors:

  • Outsiders
  • Insiders
  • Supply chain
  • Human mistakes

NanoLock prevents a wide range of cyber events, such as fraud, theft, ransomware, bricking and even state-level attacks, before they cause harm to your EV chargers, customers, and business.

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Safeguard your valuable assets using zero-trust protection

NanoLock makes sure EV chargers work as expected using zero-trust protection, in which all modification attempts to critical code and data are authenticated and authorized, before being granted access, including even those coming from inside the organization’s network or utilizing access privileges. NanoLock protection features:

  • Unmatched passive prevention
  • No performance hit or functionality impact
  • Small footprint – applicable to any charger type and operating system
  • Applicable to any EV charger: legacy or new
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Gain trustworthy device-level visibility and management

NanoLock’s MoT (Management of Things) is a reliable visibility and management solution, based on a trusted source within the device and includes:

  • EV Chargers security posture
  • Alerts and analytics
  • Authenticated and managed OTA (Over The Air) updates, both remote and local
  • Unique forensic data for further threat analysis.
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Prop up EV chargers defense and protect your brand

With NanoLock field-proven protection, malicious and accidental manipulations can be prevented to preserve EV chargers’ functionality, while mitigating a host of cyberattacks. NanoLock cyber protection translates to ongoing operational integrity, business continuity and revenue protection in both the short and the long run.

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