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Edge Defender

Built-in Smart Device and Machine Protection From Insiders, Outsiders,
Third-parties, and Human Errors.

Connected devices and machines will be eventually breached. Sooner or later.

As digital transformation accelerates into all critical infrastructure areas, utilities and industrial companies face unique cybersecurity challenges, given their large operational technology (OT) environment and distributed structures. The large investments in digitalization and IT/OT convergence have left them insufficiently prepared for the mounting threats.

Consequently, connected devices and machines are regularly attacked using multiple attack vectors and increasingly sophisticated tools that penetrate existing security measures and disrupt operational integrity and business continuity of critical and industrial infrastructures.

The resulted damage has long moved beyond data breaches and financial costs, to crippling cyberattacks, including production shutdowns and severe operational disruptions.

NanoLock prevents the outcome of breached devices and machines

NanoLock zero-trust, device-level protection and management secure Industrial IoT, connected devices and machines against outsiders, insiders and supply chain cyber events as well as human errors. The lifetime protection and management ensure the operational integrity of connected devices and machines to maintain business continuity and protect revenues.

The zero-trust protection allows persistent changes in the device, only if authenticated and signed by an external authorization server, while multi-vendor security visibility and management feature authenticated, trusted and managed Over-The-Air and local updates, reliable security posture and alerts as well as unique forensic data for further threat analysis.

With near-zero processing, memory and power requirements, NanoLock protection has no impact on the device performance, and is applicable to any machine or device: legacy or new, electric
or battery powered.

How it works
The embedded gatekeeper: 360 degrees protection
NanoLock’s gatekeeper is embedded in a device / machine and features a robust locking mechanism that blocks all modifications attempts, unless they were signed by a trusted authorization server.

NanoLock’s preventive, zero-trust approach rejects all unsigned change requests

  • Regardless of attack origin – network or local, physical or remote
  • Regardless of attack or event vector – outsider, insider or supply chain and even human mistake
  • Regardless if the attacker has root access/credentials
    (insider or supply chain)
  • Regardless of the vulnerability
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Management of Things (MoT) Server
Reliable, Multi-Vendor Device Visibility and Management

NanoLock’s Management of Things (MoT) platform provisions, monitors and manages all NanoLock protected devices, while assuming the trusted server functionality. The MoT platform is a cloud-based or on-premise solution that is managed by the customer or its MSSP. The MoT functionality can be easily integrated into a managed security service as part of the customer SIEM/SOC. Alerts and collected data can also be exported to any backend system.

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Ensuring Compliance with International Security Standards & Guidelines