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About NanoLock

We’re on a mission to protect the operational
integrity of connected devices

Connected devices and machines are under attack

The massive connectivity of devices and machines has transformed worldwide industries with an increasing number of remotely connected devices that are located outside the organization’s perimeter protection. These devices are vulnerable to multiple attack vectors and tools that are increasing in scale and sophistication, and may serve as a point of entry to your wider network. As your business increasingly relies on connected devices and machines, the impact of any attack will be even more crippling.

When existing defense measures fail to protect, zero trust, Device-level protection is key to securing and maintaining the integrity of critical machines and devices and preventing the devastating consequences of cyber events and human errors.

NanoLock security protects the operational integrity of connected devices and machines against cyber events and even human errors

NanoLock ushers the IIoT (Industrial IoT) and connected devices security with a zero-trust, Device Level prevention against outsiders, insiders and supply chain attack vectors and even technician mistakes.

NanoLock’s patented protection secures critical infrastructure, such as utilities and industrial companies that are looking to maintain the integrity of their connected devices and machines and protect their revenue streams.

NanoLock secures connected devices like smart meters, industrial machines, EV charging stations, and many more, against a wide range of crippling cyberattacks, as well as fraud, theft, ransomware, bricking and the like.

Protecting critical and industrial infrastructure worldwide

NanoLock is working with major utilities, industrial companies and large ecosystem partners in Japan, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, India, Singapore, US and Israel.

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