Lightweight, Ironclad Security & Management for IoT and connected edge devices

Device Protection, Management and Secured OTA

From embedded to cloud, NanoLock Security provides the industry's only lightweight, virtually, low-cost security and management solution for connected edge devices.

Using virtually zero computing or power resources, NanoLock Security protects firmware, boot image and critical applications stored on connected IoT devices, preventing attacks ranging from ransomware to malicious manipulation of stored code and configuration info.


NanoLock's platform is the only solution that protects, secures and manages the full lifecycle of connected and IoT device ecosystems for application domains like:

  • Connected and Autonomous cars
  • Smart meters
  • Smart city
  • Security cameras
  • Routers
  • ICs and critical infrastructure


NanoLock prevents overwriting, modification, manipulation erasure and attacks on firmware, boot image applications executables, and configuration in all connected and IoT devices.

NanoLock protects the device's entire lifecycle, from provisioning, operations and firmware updates, and even after the device’s end of life.

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